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As main sponsors of the Bedford Business Growth Initiative (BGI), we are delighted to announce that all our clients can now get free access to one of the leading business growth and marketing systems.

The 'Business Growth System', developed here in the UK, has helped thousands of businesses worldwide and in over 250 different industries to get more customers and increase sales.

The retail value of the system far exceeds £5,000 per business, so giving it FREE to our clients is a huge commitment from us and hopefully demonstrates to you that we really do mean business - especially when it's our clients' businesses.

You see, many accountancy firms may say that they're dedicated to helping their clients' businesses to grow, but how many really do something tangible for ALL their clients? However, our personal investment ensures our clients have all the help they need when it comes to growth.

There are five key reasons why the system is so successful...

  • REASON 1: It's quick to implement.

  • REASON 2: The strategies are low cost or even free to apply.

  • REASON 3: The strategies are also easy to implement and are written in a step-by-step way which makes it easy for anyone, no matter how inexperienced they are in sales and marketing (see below). With video tutorials, detailed but easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions and working examples and templates, the system makes it easy for anyone to get great results. As an example, here's one of the video tutorials. Simply click on the play button below and you'll see how the tutorials make even the most complex strategy seem simple...

  • REASON 4: The system helps to generate many more sales and customers for you.

  • REASON 5: The system helps you to increase your profits.

Plus, 1 to 7 other ongoing service areas:

  1. The usual compliance services - accounts, tax and statutory returns
  2. Time saving services - bookkeeping, VAT, payroll etc
  3. Business Performance Improvement
  4. Cashflow Forecasting
  5. Finance Funding
  6. Tax saving ideas
  7. Retirement and exit on succession planning

So isn't it time you had an accountant who is seriously concerned about the growth and success of your owner-managed business, one that can help you make more money than ever before and help you keep as much of it as possible?

If so, we urge you to arrange a no-obligation meeting with us.

Simply enter your details on the right of this page. As soon as we receive your form we'll contact you to arrange the No-Obligation Meeting. Alternatively phone us on 01234 355300.


  • How to grow your owner-managed business.
  • 3 proven but little-known and easy-to-apply strategies that right now will add hundreds (even thousands) of pounds to your business
  • Powerful solutions to your most pressing financial challenges (cash flow, cost management, profitability, etc.)
  • FREE copy of our book titled 'Why Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It' (worth £29.97)

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