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Archive for November, 2019

Collecting Unpaid Tax for 2018/19 through your PAYE Coding

Under certain circumstances it is possible to arrange the collection of unpaid tax through your PAYE coding rather than making a balancing payment on 31 January. This will depend upon the amount outstanding and the amount of income taxable under PAYE. There is a further condition that the return is submitted to HMRC online before[…] Read more »

Home sweet home

For many, owning and selling their own home is thought to be tax-free but, as always, tax is never quite as simple as that. Principal Private Residence Relief (PPRR) is a set of tax rules which are designed to ensure that the sale of a person’s home is exempt under certain conditions. The existing rules[…] Read more »

New tactic employed by scammers

Another phishing tactic has been identified. It’s employed to try to trick people into paying money that simply isn’t due. The scam involves using a phone number that looks like a genuine HMRC one, i.e. using an 0300 prefix, with a call threatening court action if payment is not made immediately. HMRC never calls unless[…] Read more »

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